Aude interview at EHP
In an interview with Agoria at EHP, Aude VANHORENBEECK, Methods and Processes Engineer at EHP in […]
“Elles bougent” is an organization set up in 2005 to increase the  proportion of  women in […]
At EHP, our dedication to excellence goes beyond crafting thermal and mechanical systems for spacecraft. We […]
Can you introduce yourself? Hello, I’m Justine, mum-to-be of a little boy, and I’m passionate about […]
Introduction: The Meteorological Third Generation Imaging satellite, MTG-I1 satellite, launched on December 13, 2022, promises a […]
Meet Aude, Methods and Processes Engineer at EHP, in this insightful interview. She shares her career […]
Join us in celebrating a monumental achievement as EHP marks an unprecedented milestone: 100 million cumulative […]
Can you introduce yourself? Hello, my name is Alison, I’m 36 and I’m #AssyTechnician at EHP. […]
Space Exploration Day
Today we celebrate #SpaceExplorationDay in honor of the extraordinary exploration, innovation and discoveries made in space. At EHP, […]
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