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Elles bougent” is an organization set up in 2005 to increase the  proportion of  women in engineering fields. This needs to attract more young girls to the industrial and technological sectors by introducing them to representatives of companies in the sector.

Photo taken during the visit of "Elles bougent" at EHP: Benjamin Chiêm, Julie Masson, Aude Vanhorenbeeck, Quentin Harivel, Fatima Oukara
Photo taken during the visit of “Elles bougent” at EHP: Benjamin Chiêm, Julie Masson, Aude Vanhorenbeeck, Quentin Harivel, Fatima Oukara

In order to strengthen the gender mix within the company, EHP is committed to increase the representation of women by encouraging their participation in our career opportunities.

I am proud to see that our company is committed to such initiatives and supports causes that are crucial to the excellence of the space and technology industry!” said Fatima Oukara, Engineering Director at EHP.

Elles bougent visits EHP

EHP had the privilege of receiving a visit from Benjamin Chiêm and Maryse Colson, regional delegate for the “Elles bougent” association in Belgium. This meeting gave our teams the opportunity to present our facilities and discuss the various events organised in Belgium in connection with this initiative.

EHP wants to share its passion for space

To bring this project to fruition, a team of volunteer “Godmothers” and “relays” has been put in place, including Aude Vanhorenbeeck, Fatima Oukara, Justine Murça, Julie Masson, Justine Saey, Ophélia Lopes Marques and Quentin Harivel

EHP’s actions following this partnership

As part of its commitment to this cause, EHP plans to take part in specific events organized to put our sponsors in touch with secondary and primary school pupils. At the same time, awareness campaigns will be conducted internally.

In addition, EHP plans to welcome classes of students at our premises to show them our activities and encourage them to consider a career in the space industry.

Finally, EHP will be involved in local initiatives to promote gender diversity within Belgian and Walloon companies.

The space sector, a growth sector in need of a diversity of profiles

The space sector is undergoing considerable development and is expected to represent an industry generating between 600 and 1,000 billion dollars a year by 2030 (source: KPMG). In this context, attracting new talent is crucial to supporting this development.

We encourage you to support EHP in this noble cause. To help us achieve this ambitious goal, please share our initiative with others and inform them of the career opportunities available at EHP.

Also, check out our latest article featuring Aude, Methods and Process Engineer at EHP, where she shares her passion for the space industry and highlights the importance of gender diversity.

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