Alisson, a Assy Technician at EHP

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Alison, I’m 36 and I’m #AssyTechnician at EHP.

To describe myself in a few words, I’m a mom of a little girl, I love baking, playing the piano and doing makeup (you can check out my work on my Instagram page @le.pinceau.magique). In addition, I’m passionate about reading, model making and podcasts.

As far as my background is concerned, I started my career in a major space company for 3 and a half years, where I was also part of the AIT team. At the end of my contract, when I heard that a small company was manufacturing satellite parts in Belgium, I immediately applied!

Can you explain your role at EHP?

I’m part of the final integration team, and my work mainly takes place in the clean room. As an Assy Technician, I carry out wiring, gluing and soldering. All these operations are used to make heat pipes, thermal and deployable systems.

What’s your background at EHP?

Over the years, I’ve learned new skills. In fact, I’ve been able to go to Toulouse on two occasions to Airbus Defence and Space for training in electrical harness making. What’s more, I’ve been lucky enough to have a certain versatility in the workshop, outside the clean room. In fact, I joined the test team for almost 6 months on a project. Thanks to this, I was able to gain a better understanding of how heat pipes work, as well as instrumenting them, using the test bays and understanding the software they use and the results graphs.

How do you see a woman’s place as a technician at EHP?

When I started out, I was told that I was going to be joining an all-male team. Strangely enough, this didn’t frighten me – I guess I had the good feeling!

The boys were immediately very welcoming and even enthusiastic about the idea of integrating a female “aura” into their team. Always with great respect, we tease each other and have a good laugh together. I even find that at times, I have certain privileges. My colleagues are always there to help me when I’m carrying heavy loads, and they regularly show me gallantry on a daily basis.

They make me feel that being a woman in the workshop is almost a privilege!

Your final words?

I can’t end this article without saying a few words about my team, AIT. It has been, without exaggeration, the best team I’ve had in my entire career.

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