Le Fond Européen de développement régional et la Wallonie investissent dans votre avenir à concurrence de 540.000 € en soutenant EHP dans son développement de la technologie des caloducs et boucles diphasiques pour la régulation thermique des engins spatiaux.

EHP develops, produces and qualifies components for spacecrafts. Historically, the initial background is based on two Phase Heat Transfer systems which include Heat Pipes and Loop Heat Pipes. More recently, complete mechanism sub-systems have been delivered (deployable radiator, pointing systems, etc…).

Two Phase Heat Transfer Systems originaly developed for Space, are now available for Aeronautical, Defense and Terrestrial markets.

Based on a staff of more than 80 persons, EHP organization offers full in house capabilities: Design and simulation, Industrial manufacturing and Qualification tests (thermal and mechanical).

Main customers are ESA, CNES, Airbus DS, Thales Alenia Space, Tesat, OHB, OneWeb and other major tier one / tier two actors of the space markets and Alstom, Airbus and Safran for non-space developments.

The electronic improved reliability needs makes compulsory the use of new technologies as EHP’s one and opens new high untapped potential markets.

EHP was created in 2001 by Pr. Jean-Claude Legros as a spin-off of SABCA and the Microgravity Research Center of the ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles.

In 2017, EHP became a subsidiary company of Airbus Defense & Space SAS.

Also in 2017, the European Investement Fund and the Wallonia Region have invested in EHP’s Manufacturing capacity.


EHP’s on break !

Just to let you know, EHP is closed for its summer break from the 1st to the 15th of August 2022. We are talking some well deserved rest to come back with energy to tackle your projects. Work will resume on the 16th of August.