In an interview with Agoria at EHP, Aude VANHORENBEECK, Methods and Processes Engineer at EHP in Nivelles, explains the importance of satellite thermal control and cooperation between women and men in the technology and aerospace sector.

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In today’s world, where communication, observation and navigation play essential roles in our daily lives, the importance of satellites cannot be underestimated. These orbiting systems perform a multitude of crucial functions. However, if they are to fulfil their missions successfully, it is vital to understand the functional importance of their individual components.

Aude highlights the crucial objective of optimising the thermal regulation of satellites. This is an essential task to dissipate the extreme heat generated by exposure to the sun, which can reach high temperatures. This thermal management is essential to prevent malfunctions in the electronic systems and ensure the continued smooth operation of the satellites.

Technology: A Constant Area of Interest

For Aude, space is much more than just a field of study. At EHP, she and her colleagues are implementing various technologies that enable thermal management elements to be operated passively in space. Applications using thermal management technologies can help, for example, to anticipate natural phenomena such as hurricanes.

Space: A Key Sector for the Future

In the face of dwindling natural resources, research and development into innovative technologies to improve satellite manufacturing has gained unprecedented momentum. This trend focuses on weight reduction and the adoption of sustainable and recyclable materials. Aude particularly emphasises the importance of energy management at EHP, where efforts are being made to adapt to environmental changes and ensure a sustainable future in space.

Inclusivity: a major issue

Despite the progress made in promoting inclusiveness in the space sector, certain preconceived ideas persist, leaving women on the margins of this sphere of activity. For Aude, “Women’s and men’s ideas are not quite the same, but that’s what makes it possible to move forward; having two different visions on the same subject leads to evolution and enables incredible innovations “, she points out.

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