Thermal Bus

At EHP, we have developped in collaboration with Airbus DS and the support of the European Space Agency (ESA)  two major categories of Two Phase Loops:

  • CPL: Capillary Pumped Loop
  • LHP: Loop Heat Pipe
    • Mini-LHP
    • Macro-LHP

Both are based on the same principle than heat pipes: the latent heat. They are also passive systems and they present a huge advantage: they permit to transport much more power (more than 30 kW) on longer distances with a high integration flexibility and with a global conductance from 2 W/K to 500 W/K. Very high heat flux densities can also be managed on these components.
As heat pipes, they can be made of different materials and use different working fluids regarding the project requirements in terms of power and temperature.
Contrary to heat pipes, the liquid and vapor path used different tubes.